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  • Improve production by analyzing non-conformance data.

    Non-Conformance software platform for the manufacturing industry.

Software integration
Seamlessly integrate software with existing processes and structures.
Regulatory demands simplified
Stay updated and comply with the latest quality and environmental standards.
Success measurement
Use real-time reports to identify risk areas and promptly react to them.
Partner manufacturing
Connect and collaborate with manufacturers and recyclers globally to increase efficiency.
Manufacturers connected
Recyclers connected
4 - 7%
Increase in Profitability

Why Choose Triple Object Systems?

Over the past few years Triple Object has aimed to better understand recycling operations regarding various materials, with critical focus on controlled metals such as copper and copper alloys.

Our unique position allowed us to obtain an in-depth understanding of various manufacturing processes which allowed us to create software for the manufacturing industry of the future, today.

For the manufacturer our non-conformance management solution aims to reduce waste and so curb financial losses.

For the recycler it provides a simplified interface to control their assets and improves their service while maintaining their competitiveness and relevance in the market.

Our Services

Tailored solution for every business

Every business is unique, which is why Triple Object Systems provides a tailor-made solution for each client. During consultation there are a variety of package options that will be discussed.

Seamless integration of non-conformance management platform

Our software not only reduces waste and so curb financial losses but also work in compliance with the ever demanding environmental and quality standards around the world. We offer seamless integration with existing processes and structures.

Real time monitoring and reporting

Non-conformance and waste management platform enabling real-time reporting and monitoring of non-conformance trends in line with ISO standards.

This eliminates valuable time spent on trend-analysis and non-conformance investigation and the information can be fed directly into your existing Corrective Action (CA) system. Thus CA’s will be resolved more expediently, efficiently and effectively, greatly alleviating costs associated with non-conformance investigations and risk analyses.

With our built-in barcode system and continuous verification of product throughout the logistical process, our software addresses all quality and regulatory traceability requirements.

Be pro-active
Minimize non-conformances through capturing, tracking, and analysing.
Have more control
Accesss information globally.
Increase transparency
Receive notifications for events and irregularities.
Simplified compliance
Stay updated and in compliance with the latest ISO standards.

Benefits for Manufacturers

Non-conformance management solutions help businesses to lower costs and to improve risk response times:

  • Identify risk areas in sub- or intermediate assemblies, through our built-in customisable reporting
  • Automated collection notes and purchase orders
  • Be proactive by analysing nonconformance trends and identifying high risk areas
  • Theft detection through continuous verification from all stakeholders involved
  • Transparent partner manufacturing

Benefits for Recyclers

Build stable and efficient collaboration with suppliers:

  • Manage your own supplier, users and containers
  • Automated delivery notes and invoices
  • View current stock levels
  • View historical data in one place
  • Traceability throughout the destruction process
  • Comply with trade regulations
  • Advanced notification system

Minimize Loss of Profit

With integrated non-conformance solution, you can hold each aspect of the manufacturing process accountable for its performance and so minimize the loss of raw materials and other manufacturing costs involved:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Theft detection
  • Quality control
  • Traceability

Process Flow

Reduce the risks associated with your nonconformance on each stage of manufacturing. Connect with Recyclers to automate removal and destruction of the non-conforming products.

Individual Approach

We offer a number of flexible solutions designed to meet your business requirements.
Every business is unique, which is why Triple Object Systems provide a tailor-made solution for every client.

Seamless Integration

Our software design integrates quickly and easily to suit your business process and structure.

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